Catholic Church of Saint Boniface, Cold Spring, MN

School Administration

The Administration

Father Matthew Luft, OSBFather Matthew Luft, OSB, pastor of the Church of Saint Boniface since 2013, is the canonical administrator of the school. He delegates responsibility to the school principal for the everyday operations. Father Matthew believes in the mission of the school, and has worked actively to support the school in all matters.

The Saint Boniface School Board is composed of 9 voting members two parish trustees, the pastor, and the principal. The school board serves in a consultative role to the pastor and the principal in all areas of school management. The main responsibilities of the board are to formulate policy, direct financial planning, evaluate administration, and plan for development and public relations.

ster Sharon Waldoch, SSND Sister Sharon Waldoch, SSND, is the principal of Saint Boniface School. She holds a Masters degree in education from the University of Colorado and an Education Specialist degree in administration from Saint Thomas University. Sister Sharon has been principal at Saint Boniface since 2003 where she values the qualified staff and the parental involvement.