If you are unable to be here for your scheduled day, please find a replacement for yourself by either calling other parents who are scheduled the same month and see if they are able to swap days with you or call the subs listed below. Once a change has been made, please call the office at 685-3541 and let Denise know or send me an email.

Thank you,

Shelley Giswold



Name Home Phone Cell Phone
Marcie Dockendorf 685-8448 291-1277
Tim Evens 685-8883  
Leah Heying 685-5390 492-8882
Rebecca Hilley   980-3055
Dave & Anne Kaluza 685-3142 (D)310-8758 (A)260-0085
Suzanne Kelly 685-8915 493-7292
Jamie Kiess 685-4329 293-2062
Nicole Lang 597-4698 249-2902
Angie Moscho   293-7782
Dawn Pochardt   492-8002
Jen Schneider 202-0546 612-309-8641
Chrissy Schreifels 685-8014 290-9092
Kari Schulzetenber   333-5838
Jenny Weber 685-4178 260-7787
Gena Zollar   493-3439