Catholic Church of Saint Boniface, Cold Spring, MN

If you are unable to be here for your scheduled day, please find a replacement for yourself by either calling other parents who are scheduled the same month and see if they are able to swap days with you or call the subs listed below. Once a change has been made, please call the office at 685-3541 and let Denise know or send me an email.

Thank you,

Shelley Giswold


Name Home Phone Cell Phone
Gail Blaschko 492-7881
Clinton Rausch 224-8973
Tina Scepaniak 293-8849
Jenna Vanloy   290-3582
Katie Guerrero 282-2969
Dawn Pochardt 492-8002
Barbara Zobitz 557-5701
Sunny Hesse 250-6105
Nicole Stommes   293-5761
Angie Schwieters   761-9835
Jen Crosby 597-5505 293-2593
Dana Porwoll 493-1927
Fred Ehlen   267-2479