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Admin  - Pfannenstein Heather img_4836.jpg

Heather Pfannenstein



Chelsea Viswanathan

Administrative Assistant

Teacher K - Willenbring Tanya img_4878_r.jpg

Tanya Willenbring


Teacher 1 - Botten Erin img_4845_181.jpg

Erin Botten

1st Grade/1A

Teacher 1 - Baumgarten Kim img_4896.jpg

Kim Baumgarten

Assistant Principal

1st Grade/1B

Admin  - Bowles Art img_4839.jpg

Art Bowles


Teacher K - Drontle Vanessa img_4841.jpg

Vanessa Drontle



Coming Soon

1st Grade/1B

Teacher 2 - Kraemer Sabrina img_4885.jpg

Sabrina Kraemer

2nd Grade/2A

Teacher 3 - Lahr Megan img_4859.jpg

Megan Lahr

3rd Grade/3A

Teacher 4 - Dullinger Stephanie img_4833.jpg

Stephanie Dullinger

4th Grade/4A

Teacher 2 - Rausch Krista img_9859_r_691.jpg

Krista Rausch

2nd Grade/2B

Teacher 3 - Schaefer Mary img_4855.jpg

Mary Schaefer

3rd Grade/3B

Teacher 4 - Reiter Sarah img_4874.jpg

Sarah Reiter

4th Grade/4B

Admin  - Halverson Krista img_4157_51.jpg

Krista Halverson

5th Grade/5A

Teacher 6 - Notch Monica img_4853.jpg

Monica Notch

6th Grade/6A 

Teacher P - Gilmore Maggie img_4847.jpg

Maggie Gilmore

PreK Director

Teacher P - Johnson Betty img_4850.jpg

Betty Johnson

PreK Teacher Assistant

Admin  - Jungels Vicki img_4873.jpg

Vicki Jungels

Assistant Cook

Admin  - Giswold Shelly img_4883.jpg

Shelley Giswold


Teacher  - Rassier Dan img_4895.jpg

Dan Rassier


Teacher 5 - Kiess Ashlee img_4901.jpg

Ashlee Keiss

5th Grade/5B

Teacher 5 - Zilka Gretchen img_4843.jpg

Gretchen Zilka

6th Grade /6B

Admin  - Giswold Ayden img_4880.jpg

Ayden Giswold

PreK Teacher Assistant


Wendy Brown

Head Cook


Darlene Theel

Lunchroom Assistant

Admin  - Hess Jess img_4117_31.jpg

Jess Hess

Computer Technology 

Teacher  - Shaw Dave img_4888.jpg

David Shaw

Physical Education

Admin  - Mueller Jolene img_4858.jpg

Jolene Mueller


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